Autism Awareness Freebies

April is Autism Awareness Month and to honor all the amazing children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, I am giving away weekly goodies for FREE. My goal is to spread awareness about ASD, but also to provide free support to you regarding challenges related to ASD. Each free weekly gift will help you overcome struggles that […]


Chocolate Easter Bunny in a Basket with Assorted Candy

“Dr. Lisa, I am worried about all the candy that my child will receive from the Easter Bunny. My main concern is that most of the candy he loves has ingredients that I hear are harmful and banned in other countries! Is this true, and if so, what can my son have in his Easter […]

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Mc Donald's Chicken Mc Nuggets are not healthy2

“ Dr. Lisa, my son came running to me with Ipad in hand to show me that the number one video on YouTube is an ad from McDonald’s where they walk the viewer  through a factory, demonstrating how chicken Mc Nuggets are made and what ingredients they use. The host carries his laptop around to […]


Sad child playing with toy wooden airplane

I have to share a funny story  that occurred in the midst of motherhood. It was one of those I hope I make it to my next birthday moments. No joking. Mothering three boys is in itself a magical experience. Not to be confused with  moments that sweep me off my feet. More like magical […]


Lady with Your Comments

Dear Lady with Your Comments, I know the other day when my son was tapping the salt and pepper shakers and pretending they were dancing that something rattled your core. I sensed the hair stand up on your skin and thought I saw your eye start to twitch when you chose to scold me for my […]


Screaming woman, showing timeout gesture with hands

    “Dr. Lisa, as I am thinking about the upcoming New Year, I can’t help but reflect back to this year and all my bad days being a mom. This year I seriously lost it many times. I turned into a crazy woman and I am starting to think I am not meant to […]



  “Dr. Lisa, my husband and I are very worried for Christmas Day at his mother’s house. I love his family, but some of the guests there do not understand our son’s poor social skills in getting along in crowds, opening gifts, hugging and kissing loved ones and sitting at the dinner table. For the […]


Hot Chocolate

PrintHomemade Clean Hot Chocolate This is a healthier alternative to toxic conventional hot cocoas. To make this even easier, simply mix the dry ingredients and store in a glass air tight jar for easy access in future. Remember, to use all organic ingredients to avoid harmful ingredients and boost the health factor. My kids love […]



To those mothers whose kids are a little different, May you see your child as the beautiful and inspiring Little soul he is and know that When the time is right, he will shine Brighter than your mind can ever imagine. Indeed, some days can be hard, Seeming only to end in a bad week […]


Vitamins Kids

 “Dr. Lisa, my son is having major sensory issues including ADHD. His teachers say he is very “off” at pre-school. He is a horrible eater and my husband and I want to provide more nutritional support to see if this can help his behavior. I do not know what Children’s Vitamin to buy as so […]