Screaming woman, showing timeout gesture with hands

    “Dr. Lisa, as I am thinking about the upcoming New Year, I can’t help but reflect back to this year and all my bad days being a mom. This year I seriously lost it many times. I turned into a crazy woman and I am starting to think I am not meant to […]

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“Dr. Lisa, My son has ADHD and is very impulsive. He is the “class clown” and does not have many friends. He tends to be picked on and he reacts negatively toward this. It seems his feelings get hurt and he lashes back at the other child. He struggles socially. How can I help him […]

Children At School

“Dr. Lisa, my son is 7 and has a habit of going up to his friends and squeezing, touching or even pushing his friends. This seems to be annoying his friends and I am afraid if he does not stop this behavior, he will be the kid who the other boys do not want to […]


  I have been taught by my Mom and Dad to say I am sorry when I do something that is not nice. They say that it is okay for me to mess up, but when I do, to stand up tall and apologize from my heart. My mom says that when I choose to […]

Summer Strategies 2

  “Dr. Lisa, My son loves the warm fun summer brings, but has such a difficult time going to the beach and family BBQ s where the surrounding elements create sensory overload for him. Almost every time my family goes to the beach or a BBQ, we have to leave due to my son’s high […]

cute girl make cleaning in the children room at home

” Dr. Lisa, I loved your free Autism Awareness gift, Kid’s Healthy Shopping List, as I have begun the journey of removing harmful toxins and ingredients in my child’s food choices. It got me thinking – should I also be considering removing any harmful toxins in my home such as some that are in cleaners […]

“Dr. Lisa, I am sitting here crying as I email you this. It seems like everyday my  son comes home with a sad face on his papers regarding his behavior in school. I have met with his teacher and she thought a daily behavior report home would be a great way to let me know […]


Chocolate Easter Bunny in a Basket with Assorted Candy

“Dr. Lisa, I am worried about all the candy that my child will receive from the Easter Bunny. My main concern is that most of the candy he loves has ingredients that I hear are harmful and banned in other countries! Is this true, and if so, what can my son have in his Easter […]


Mc Donald's Chicken Mc Nuggets are not healthy2

“ Dr. Lisa, my son came running to me with Ipad in hand to show me that the number one video on YouTube is an ad from McDonald’s where they walk the viewer  through a factory, demonstrating how chicken Mc Nuggets are made and what ingredients they use. The host carries his laptop around to […]


Sad child playing with toy wooden airplane

I have to share a funny story  that occurred in the midst of motherhood. It was one of those I hope I make it to my next birthday moments. No joking. Mothering three boys is in itself a magical experience. Not to be confused with  moments that sweep me off my feet. More like magical […]