“Dr. Lisa, my husband and I are very worried for Christmas Day at his mother’s house. I love his family, but some of the guests there do not understand our son’s poor social skills in getting along in crowds, opening gifts, hugging and kissing loved ones and sitting at the dinner table. For the […]


Hot Chocolate

Print Homemade Clean Hot Chocolate This is a healthier alternative to toxic conventional hot cocoas. To make this even easier, simply mix the dry ingredients and store in a glass air tight jar for easy access in future. Remember, to use all organic ingredients to avoid harmful ingredients and boost the health factor. My kids […]



To those mothers whose kids are a little different, May you see your child as the beautiful and inspiring Little soul he is and know that When the time is right, he will shine Brighter than your mind can ever imagine. Indeed, some days can be hard, Seeming only to end in a bad week […]


Vitamins Kids

 “Dr. Lisa, my son is having major sensory issues including ADHD. His teachers say he is very “off” at pre-school. He is a horrible eater and my husband and I want to provide more nutritional support to see if this can help his behavior. I do not know what Children’s Vitamin to buy as so […]


Lajoy Jewelry Embraces Autism Awareness I am thrilled to have found Lajoy Jewelry. Her Autism pieces are so adorable and fun that I simply am hooked. One of my missions in creating is to spread awareness regarding Autism Spectrum Disorders and work with others who have the same passionate goals.  The owner of Lajoy […]


“Dr. Lisa, my son has started middle school and has his very own locker. At first, he was super excited about this, but as he got use to middle school, he has been coming home complaining that he has to carry all his books around in his backpack all day because his locker is impossible […]


7 day hwork challenge

“Dr. Lisa, we are back to school and not even one month into it and I am already pulling my hair out when it comes to homework with my son. I am in contact with his teacher, but it seems my son always has an excuse as to why he does not want to do […]


“Dr. Lisa, I know that Halloween usually means handing out and collecting conventional candy, but the more I am reading about the ingredients in them, the more I question if this is a safe thing to do. I am not comfortable with my son eating these candies, but at I am also not sure what […]


team 2

“Dr. Lisa, my 5 year old daughter has behavior issues related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her pediatrician diagnosed her last year at age 4 with Sensory Processing Disorder, but she was recently diagnosed with ASD by a neurodevelopmentalist. I have been told by her teacher and family members that she will most likely outgrow her […]



Do you want to live in a chemical-free home that’s safe for your children? Do you worry about the health impact of chemicals? Perhaps you have high standards for cleanliness, yet don’t know how to live without commercial cleaning products? If any of this sounds like you, I have some great news! My friend and […]