Artificial Sweeteners are Dangerous: Try these 5 Healthy Alternatives

February 18, 2013

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Artificial Sweeteners are the bomb. That is, a bomb that will create cellular damage and disease raging chaos! Toss them out and please stop buying foods, drinks and sodas with them. You bet this includes diet anything.

Not yet ready to pass up your diet coke? You still think your boxed weight-loss foods are going to get you to lose those 20 lbs? Not really buying the hype?

artificial sweetenersMy health moxie warrior, it is time you allow some food wisdom to nurture your brain. Listen. Pause. Accept.

An important tool in heath and weight-loss is wisdom. Today our foods are loaded with chemicals that are highly toxic to the body.

Imagine a garden with mineral rich lush soil and glorious plants growing and thriving. Now,  insects set in and DESTROY the harmony of the soil and stability for life.

Plants become ill and the soil once rich and bountiful of life will become a haven that creates sickness and scarce life.

Toxins in foods are the insects. They destroy our bodies from within and leave an internal environment that allows cancer and illnesses to grow, not life.

Pause. Listen. Lean.

This video explains the why artificial sweeteners are so very dangerous and (for the love of all things holy), why you must avoid them at all costs.

No frets. I would never leave you without a healthy heart thumping alternative. I got your back remember? (pun intended)

I have shared 5 of My Favorite Healthy Alternatives. Go forth and learn!

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Dr. Lisa

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